Do you have an exterior oil tank? If so, it can take quite a beating in the New England winter, especially when a Nor’Easter hits. Exterior damage can quickly reduce the life expectancy of your oil tank, so it’s incredibly important to do everything you can to protect it from the elements. 

Here are five ways to protect your oil tank during the winter: 

  1. Build a shed. It’s extra work and another expense, of course, but it will keep your oil tank from getting covered in snow or beaten down by hail. This will also help keep the oil inside the tank from freezing — “gelled” oil can clog your fuel lines and burns less efficiently. 
  2. Pour in anti-freezing additives. This will help keep the oil from freezing. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.  
  3. Insulate your line. You can do this by purchasing insulation, or by burying the line underground. This will keep the pipe from freezing (and possibly leaking as a result). 
  4. Change your tank filters. Do this now at the beginning of the season, and again mid-way through winter. They help trap debris which can reduce the efficiency of your tank. 
  5. Call Dunlap’s for maintenance. We provide an annual maintenance program and can review the status of your oil tank and make suggestions on how to protect it so it can run well for years to come. 

Need a new oil tank, or want your inspected? Give us a call!